Botanical Garden series

This august I worked for a month in the Botanical Gardens of Utrecht. I brought lithostones with to draw on location, with the intention to print them later.

In total I drew 11 stones to print. 

From stone to print is a lenghty process. The drawing itself takes 2/3 hours. Then I have to process the stone to make it ready for print. Each stone takes 3 days to do just that. After that I can print, which will take half a day per usual.

Since it takes time I just wanted to show an impression of the works already made and some process pics.

In the coming month, this section will be updated, as the stones will be printed, and then photographed and put on the site. In the meantime, questions are always welcome!At the moment you can see prints and photo’s of the Rock Garden, Greenhouse and Bamboo tunnel.